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Apartment Rehabilitation - Berlin, Germany

plan vertical proiect amenajare interior apartament berlin

"Completed in 2020 the Berlin project involved the rehabilitation of a 2 bedroom apartment, located in an old building nearby the center of Berlin. The original space of this apartment had some rather unpleasant environment filled with shady corners .

The main purpose of this project consisted in promoting a complete interior design makeover while still keeping the original layout, trying hereby to increase its value. A non -structural decorative element separates the kitchen from the living room and dining area, and it also establishes a visual and physical connection between the social and the more functional area of the apartment. This element has also a more practical purpose, since it provides a relevant storage space for the kitchen area.The choice of furniture gives much of the character of the space that otherwise would be a soulless and hollow body of architecture." - Plan Vertical

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