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Tree House - Cluj, Romania

plan vertical casa din copac cluj

"A tree house project is always a special project. It's small, but significant.

In this particular case we had to design a construction that not only children could enjoy, but also adults who want to escape from the city and relax in nature. The construction had to be able to provide the facilities of a mini-house type accommodation. It has an integrated bathroom and a small indoor relaxing area. We also wanted to ensure the possibility of experiencing open air relaxation at the height of the trees. The tree house also benefits from a small outdoor terrace.


The organic forms of the house embrace nature. We chose to cover the volume with wooden shingles, to be able to follow the chosen shapes as faithfully as possible. Over time the wooden shingles will age and thus the tree house will become a unitary whole with the tree that houses it." - Plan Vertical

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